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Glow-worm migo

Glow-worm migo
Glow-worm migo
Glow-worm migo
Glow-worm migo
Glow-worm migo
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Glow-worm Migo MiGo makes it all possible. Consisting of a control and an app it allows you to control your heating and hot water needs from your smart phone wherever you are, whenever you want. MiGo will increase your comfort whilst decreasing your energy bills. MiGo will automatically learn your energy needs from the moment it's installed. It'll know to give you your desired temperature without delay, so when you ask for 21 degrees you'll get 21 degrees without waiting. Multi-user sharing and multi-home control You and your family can manage several heating systems for the same or different locations. The access to MiGo can be shared on several smartphones; this means that all the family can control the heating system. One app can also manage several MiGo thermostats installed in different houses (e.g. your home and your mum’s home).

Features -

  • Smart phone access - Easy-to-use app, for managing your heating and hot water 
  • Energy consumption monitoring - Gas and electricity consumption for both heating and DHW 
  • Internet weather compensation - MiGo only ever uses your energy as and when it needs to without the need for an outside temperature sensor 
  • Electronic paper display - Clear display with low energy consumption
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface - Fast and straightforward temperature control
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